The Flight 

Moving through the driving mists fright is capitalized by light flashing and dancing colors of deception across the humid night 
Not knowing where you’re going the sky is your mother the hallows of city flicker on and off within valleys of darkness 
Heavy eyed and wild mind writing swift drooping mists upon starlight skies open to teaching depth within sight
Scrambling for words amongst lonesome people struggling for contemplation on this rambled summer’s eve 
Light is lost to all-knowing mystics of seasoned scriptures  
It is given to those who wander for solely the gift of more to ponder as they wander, wander vagabonded to the wind and never to be broken apart
Where to now?
Said she ragged topped silhouetted beauty moon light dropping mongrel giver
Where are you?
  With me now in infinite possibility in divine creativity of the dreamy hosts of time
Where to now?
   Into this moment, within this moment, of infinite wisdom and possibility
All is well
I see myself breathing images strolling on runic roads celebrating in forgotten places 
Wild eyed women of heart beaten raindrops 
Dragon wings sailing with sailors about them 
Seeing life as a heart surrenders 
Being love with a slow gazing wanderer 
Seeing myself breathing my soul 
Onto streamy sands of white peaceful houses 
To grass covered sees and watery mountains
What will I be within my being?