Photo by Ashley Wheeler

Photo by Ashley Wheeler

Introducing Jack Gwydion

Jack Gwydion lives to sense the beating heart of poetry and has long admired musicians with small-town sincerity and big-world humanity. Gwydion promotes a generosity of spirit that speaks to the timeless mysteries of the heart.

Gwydion's debut LP At the Foot of Heart's Mystery (Out October 30, 2017) is being put out by Boulder, CO based Tipperary Record Co., and brings together some of the country’s finest young bluegrass and Americana musicians. He already made a splash with his self-released version of the record, which garnered praise from American Songwriter Magazine, "the mountainous landscape works itself into [his] songs". 

Gwydion writes, "My songs have to do with the cultivation of the heart. There is always a revelation—not so much an answer, but the absolution of a need for one, a deepening of commitment to the heart."

Now touring nationally with his five pieced band, Jack Gwydion is a name destined to remain in Americana music.